Sometimes, innovation is hard to see. With us, it’s abundantly clear

You’ve never worked with a company like Abundantly, and your people have never known an employee recognition program like ours. See how we’re disrupting an industry that badly needs it.

Transparent Pricing

No extra fees, no hidden charges, and we’ll tell you exactly what the numbers are right up front.

Seamless Enterprise Grade

Not only can we help your business grow, Abundantly is designed to grow right alongside you with no compromises and no loss or degradation of services.

Amplify AI

A truly engaged workforce wants to be a catalyst for recognition as much as a recipient of it. Abundantly gets everyone involved in more places

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Deskless Strategy

People are working differently these days, and businesses have to work even harder to make individuals and teams feel connected. Abundantly galvanizes your people and spreads the love.


Charitable match

One of the most important ways that recognition with Abundantly really resonates.

Amazon Fulfillment

We don’t just make it possible for employees to exchange recognition for tangible rewards, we do it in partnership with the world’s leading retailer.

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