Reinventing remote recognition

Whether you have a team spread across multiple locations or have gone fully remote, engaging and showing appreciation for all of your employees can be difficult. Abundantly makes it simple and easy to create memorable engagements with your people and deliver authentic rewards.

Employees aren’t being won over by cool offices or free pizza anymore, but through truly authentic meaningful appreciation.

The days of ping pong tables and a fancy new cappuccino maker being counted as employee perks are over. As people want more flexible work options, your recognition and reward program needs to evolve with them. Abundantly allows you to reward employees wherever they are, with things they actually want.

Give your employees a place to connect

Our social feed allows employees to connect with one another, in addition to, responding and interacting with recognition posts from other employees. Want to see more engagement? Send out polls or questionnaires to get immediate insights into how things are going and spark conversations between people.

Let employees drive your philanthropic efforts with opportunities to support local causes

When your team redeems points for rewards, our system allows a philanthropic match of the employees’ choice. That means they get something and feel good by donating money to a cause. Your company gets to meet its corporate social responsibility goals easier than ever before while engaging your team. 

It’s time to recognize employees in a better way, no matter where they work.

Lower Staff Turnover

Engaged employees voluntarily leave less often than those that feel under appreciated.

Welcome New Employees​

Let the whole team know when someone joins and start a conversation in the social feed.

Group Recognition​

Quickly and easily let entire groups know they did a job well with a single message and rewards.

Peer to Peer

Create an environment where everyone can recognize one another, and attach accolades or rewards to that recognition.

Corporate Communications Made Easy

Our built-in social tools let employees recognize, connect, and communicate all in one place. A digital water cooler.

Get Rewarded Anywhere

Our Amazon Business partnership means there are millions of options for purchase and fulfillment globally. This is what employees really want.

Post and Polls

Engage your team and get a better understanding of their needs and wants with integrated polls and post conversation tools.

Flow of Work Integrations

We integrate with the platforms your employees already use, like Slack, Teams, and Office 365 so it’s easier to get started.

Social Giving / Philanthropy

Match a percentage of employee rewards that your company gives to a philanthropic cause of their choice. They feel doubly rewarded, you create a culture of giving too!

It’s time to recognize employees in a better way, no matter where they work.