Who we are

The name Abundantly embodies our mission to create a positive ripple effect and cultivate abundance in the lives of everyone we impact.

We created Abundantly because we saw a need for a recognition product that meets the needs of our time as well as the needs of employees when work isn’t always a place.

Our passion is simply and elegantly to curate meaningful connections and set in motion a chain of events to positively impact organizations, communities, and the world at large.

Built on core values to strengthen your company’s core culture.

Five foundational values guide our daily efforts to bring meaningful improvements to your emlpoyee’s experience through 
authentic recognition.






Your team behind Abundantly

Randall Diamond

Chief Growth Officer

Koichi Kato

Chief Operations Officer

Clint Dennis

Chief Marketing Officer

Jeremy Blau

Director of Product Development

Jessica Kafle

Director of Sales Strategy and Operations

Tameem Ishteiwy

Director of Client Engagement

A proud member of the Benefit One Family

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