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Reward employees, whether you sit side by side or multiple time zones away.

Start recognizing your team the way they want to be recognized. Abundantly gives you the tools to communicate and reward every type of employee in your company and let them choose how and when they get recognized for their hard work.

Take a look at Abundantly in Action…


Your employees work hard.

And you want to recognize them for all sorts of things like meeting deadlines, knocking a meeting out of the park, or helping their teammates.


So you recognize your employees’ hard work with a thank you and a post on your company’s social feed.

The team member you are recognizing will get a notification of their hard work and reward (when offered), plus their co-workers can respond and congratulate them as well.


They can then cash in their reward points within the app or from their laptop at their convenience.

Once your employee earns enough reward points, they have the option to choose to cash them in for a product or company-specific luxury. 


In this case, they chose a product provided and delivered by Amazon.

Our platform is powered by Amazon for Business, giving employees millions of reward options delivered directly to their door.


Employees can celebrate their wins with friends, family, and team members.

When employees feel valued, it leads to 31% less voluntary turnover. Plus, that feeling spreads to the people around them.

Shouldn't your tech company’s recognition program be tech-oriented?

We’ve built a system that creates opportunities to reward all of your workers through an easy-to-use online platform and Android and iOS apps. Plus, we’re integrated with common platforms you already use, like Office365, Slack, and Teams.

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Hear how the platform is built so every type of employee in your organization can be more engaged and feel more rewarded. Then tell us if you’d like a full demo.

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Hey! We’re Abundantly

You may not have heard of us (we’re pretty new), but we know employee recognition. Our leaders come from companies like OC Tanner, Limeade, and Thanks.com. We created Abundantly because we saw a need for a modern recognition product that meets the needs of evolving companies and their employees, no matter where or how they work.

At the end of the day, we just want to help companies create meaningful connections, and create positive change across people, teams, and communities through what we call the recognition ripple effect. Learn more about us.