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Who are we?


Recognize and reward your construction team for everything they do, big and small.

Let your team feel appreciated for everything they do, in the office or on the job site, to help your company thrive. From cleaning up a messy job site to finishing a large project on time, Abundantly lets you recognize everyone’s hard work, no matter where they spend their day.

How Does Abundantly Work?


You notice one of your workers spending extra time on the job site.

Sometimes completing a project takes extra time on site. It’s worth rewarding those people that make the effort on their own.


You recognize your team member with a thank you card on their locker when they get to work.

Your employee doesn’t like to be recognized loudly, but a printed note lets them know you saw their efforts.


Their thank you card has a code to cash in reward points when they get back to their computer at home.

Our system allows any printed congratulations to include reward points that accumulate for your employees.


After enough points, they choose to cash them in for an extra day off.

And tickets to one of their local amusement parks! With the time and the tickets, your hardest workers can take their kid to the Zoo, spreading their recognition beyond just themselves to their families too!

Retain more employees through recognition and rewards

When you find hard workers, you want to do as much as you can to retain that talent. Because when your employees feel appreciated, they’re 31% less likely to voluntarily leave and 30% more productive (according to Gartner research). That means more time on site, with more getting accomplished than ever before.

Start rewarding your in-office and on-site team so everyone feels appreciated for a job well done.

Equity and inclusion are imperative for employee recognition strategies, but the ability to reach your type of workforce is being overlooked. Our platform is built so every type of employee in your organization can be more engaged and feel more rewarded and we know you’ll want a full demo.

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Hey! We’re Abundantly

You may not have heard of us (we’re pretty new), but we know employee recognition. Our leaders come from companies like OC Tanner, Limeade, and Thanks.com. We created Abundantly because we saw a need for a modern recognition product that meets the needs of evolving companies and their employees, no matter where or how they work.

At the end of the day, we just want to help companies create meaningful connections, and create positive change across people, teams, and communities through what we call the recognition ripple effect. Learn more about us.