Engage every employee, everywhere, on any platform.

While Abundantly is built to recognize and reward your employees, part of people feeling appreciated is also feeling connected. That’s why our engagement tools allow for conversation, congratulations, polls, and other options for your team members to communicate with one another. Abundantly elevates your employee engagement experience.

A familiar social environment that gets employees involved.

Almost everyone has become accustomed to social networks. Between Facebook and LinkedIn, the social feed feels almost nostalgic. That’s why Abundantly leverages a similar feed for recognition, announcements, and communication between employees to increase usage and decrease confusion.

Integrates with all of the tools you already use

Your workplace is already filled with dozens of digital tools. We want to make your life easier, not harder by adding another one. That’s why we integrate with Slack, Office 365, Teams, SMS, and WhatsApp to make it a seamless experience for everyone.

Available on web, iOS and Android

And when you want to log in and make a post or send a reward to an employee, our platform is available when and where you are – on a computer or on your phone. 

Recognition isn't just about rewards, it's about feeling like you’re part of your team.

Social Feed

Your team can communicate with one another in a well know, social feed, environment, decreasing the time to onboard and increasing engagement.

Push Notifications

Let your team members know when someone responds to one of their posts with app notifications, right on their phone.

Supports a Diverse Workforce

Every team is made up of different people and different roles. Abundantly is built to be easy and fun to use by everyone on your team.

Posts and Polls

Engage your team and get a better understanding of their needs and wants with integrated polls and post conversation tools.

Flow of Work Integrations

We integrate with the platforms your employees already use, like Slack, Teams, and Office 365 so it’s easier to get started.

White Labeled

Abundantly can be made to look like your own custom intranet. We will happily work with you to brand everything to feel proprietary.

Make it easier for your employees to connect.