Recognition software that looks & feels like your company for more authentic engagement.

While employees are used to using other platforms in their day-to-day work, your recognition and reward program should feel like your company, not someone else’s. Abundantly makes it easy to integrate your brand throughout the platform and tie into software you already use, so it feels like an extension of your business…not ours.

Completely White Labeled

Abundantly makes it simple to use your logos, colors, and fonts out of the box. Our settings are already set up for these types of customizations. If you want to push it even further with unique recognition levels/names or iconography, our team can help you do that too!

Company-specific rewards

While our Amazon-backed shopping experience provides millions of reward options out of the box, custom rewards can make the Abundantly platform feel even more like your company. Provide unique options like extra days off, gift cards to your cafeteria, or a premium parking spot for a month.

Custom Corporate Event Pages

Whether your event is in person or virtual, a custom page can give everyone involved a way to communicate and engage with one another in real time. Plus, send out polls and have employees respond before, during, and after the event.

Take your recognition and rewards to the next level with a platform customized for you.

White Labeled

Abundantly can be made to look like your own custom intranet. We will happily work with you to brand everything to feel proprietary.

Company Store

Make it simple for people to cash in reward points or purchase corporate swag within the Abundantly App.

Custom Event Pages

Easily build custom pages for your events in Abundantly and connect all of our features and your team seamlessly.

Flow of Work Integrations

We integrate with the platforms your employess already use, like Slack, Teams, and Office 365 so its easier to get started.

Company Fulfilled Awards

Create unique reward options like a premium parking spot, an extra day off, or cafeteria credits that are only available to your team.

Available Everywhere

Abundantly is built to be available where and how your business works. That means logging in on our web app, iOS app, or Android app.

Stop using platforms that push their own brand. Abundantly puts your company first.