Creating a culture of abundance

We’re big believers in people. Your people, specifically. That’s why we created Abundantly – to help people thrive by building authentic, culture-first communities wherever they work. To us, there’s no greater accomplishment than helping people feel like they belong, are valued, and can make a difference in the world.


Sometimes, innovation is hard to see. With us, it’s abundantly clear

You’ve never worked with a company like Abundantly, and your people have never known an employee recognition program like ours. See how we’re disrupting an industry that badly needs it.

Transparent Pricing

No extra fees, no hidden charges, and we’ll tell you exactly what the numbers are right up front.

Seamless Enterprise Grade

Not only can we help your business grow, Abundantly is designed to grow right alongside you with no compromises and no loss or degradation of services.

Amplify AI

A truly engaged workforce wants to be a catalyst for recognition as much as a recipient of it. Abundantly gets everyone involved in more places.

Deskless Strategy

People are working differently these days, and businesses have to work even harder to make individuals and teams feel connected. Abundantly galvanizes your people and spreads the love.


Charitable match

One of the most important ways that recognition with Abundantly really resonates.

Amazon Fulfillment

We don’t just make it possible for employees to exchange recognition for tangible rewards, we do it in partnership with the world’s leading retailer.

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A people-first platform that really pays off.

Employees don’t just want a paycheck from their organizations. They want to feel valued, appreciated, and inspired to perform at their best. A reward and recognition program is a powerful and effective tool to drive high performance, but it’s also commonly overlooked. From our simple, elegant interface to the robust rewards catalogue to charity matching, everything we do is built on four pillars:






Making it easy to make a difference

Whether it’s via desktop or mobile app, Abundantly makes employee engagement effortless, appealing, and effective.


Recognition that resonates

Today’s employees care more about culture and connection than ever before. We deliver the right recognition messages at the right time so the people you value feel valued.

Abundantly integrates with your team's favorite tools.

Creating abundance throughout your business.​​

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How much payroll it takes to significantly boost employee engagement

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That’s how much a recognition program lowers voluntary turnover

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Companies that have seen positive ROI from investing in recognition programs


Lift your people up, and they’ll return the favor.

Help employees feel seen and foster belonging with rewards that feel substantial and thoughtful.


Goodwill is contagious.

Foster a sense of community and purpose around a shared dedication to giving back.

Abundance starts with being simple and transparent.

Nobody wants to spend time crunching numbers. Take advantage of our easy pricing model so you can use your time to nourish your organizational culture.


per member/
  • Spend less time crunching numbers with a simple, streamlined pricing model based on the size of your business.

  • Never worry about markups for rewards in our marketplace, and enjoy Amazon fulfillment.

  • Subscribe annually or optimize your savings with a 3-year contract, with no difference in access.

Change on demand.

Say the word, and we’ll set up time to show you how Abundantly works.