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Who are we?


Recognize every employee from the manufacturing floor to the front office.

Abundantly makes it easy to reward employees who help make your manufacturing business a success. Whether they are in the office, on the production floor, or helping load trucks, Abundantly can make them feel seen and appreciated.

How does Abundantly work for manufacturing companies like mine?


You notice one of your employees helping their teammate with a task.

When someone on the floor goes above and beyond their job, it’s worth recognizing that effort.


You provide an in-person thank you card at the weekly team huddle.

With Abundantly, you get to print out a custom card and recognize that employee face-to-face, then their co-workers can also thank them and be inspired by seeing great work rewarded.


Their thank you card included reward points.

They can see what new reward options are available to them at a later time when they get back on their digital devices.


Your hard-working team member then chooses a product, like an Amazon Echo, provided and delivered by Amazon.

Our platform is powered by Amazon for Business, giving employees millions of reward options delivered directly to their door.


Your employee celebrates their wins with family members with their new reward.

When employees feel valued, it leads to 31% less voluntary turnover. Plus, that feeling spreads to the people around them.

Retain more employees through recognition and rewards

From the back office to the factory floor, good employees can be tough to find. When your employees feel appreciated, they’re 31% less likely to voluntarily leave and 30% more productive (according to Gartner research).

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Our platform is built so every type of employee in your organization can be more engaged and feel more rewarded and we know you’ll want a full demo (especially so you can see our other innovations new to the recognition marketplace).

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Hey! We’re Abundantly

You may not have heard of us (we’re pretty new), but we know employee recognition. Our leaders come from companies like OC Tanner, Limeade, and Thanks.com. We created Abundantly because we saw a need for a modern recognition product that meets the needs of evolving companies and their employees, no matter where or how they work.

At the end of the day, we just want to help companies create meaningful connections, and create positive change across people, teams, and communities through what we call the recognition ripple effect. Learn more about us.