We’re making it easy to meet your corporate philanthropy goals.

Abundantly’s built-in social giving features make it easy to both meet your philanthropic goals and engage your employees while doing it. And you’re not taking away from the rewards your employees receive either, making it a win-win for everyone involved.

Employee Reward Matching

When one of your team members decides to cash in their reward points, they’ll go through the process of selecting the perfect item. Once they select their reward, they get to choose a cause to give a matching gift to, based on your company’s unique settings, often 10-20% of the reward cost.

Engage Employees in Giving

Because employees are often in different geographic locations, you can also set up a variety of local philanthropy to choose from, letting your team feel more connected to the causes and their community, helping amplify the recognition ripple effect.

CSR Goals on Auto-pilot

Many companies have corporate responsibility goals that they not only have to meet but also have to prove how they’ve met them. With Abundantly, your recognition program helps guarantee you meet those giving goals, and our reporting makes it simple to show how you did it, where the money went, and the impact you’ve made. 

Abundantly is the future of your company’s Corporate Philanthropy.

Unique Philanthropic Giving

Let your company choose how much to match against employee rewards and the causes that money is given to, making an impact that feels authentic to your company.

Connect to core Values

Make sure your team is recognizing others based on your core values, which in turn encourages employees to understand your social responsibility goals.

Supports Diverse Workforces

Manufacturing and factory jobs can differ greatly from one person and department to another. Our platform is built to include every type of role in the conversation.

Built in Social Feed

Let all of your employees see when someone gets recognized. And when they choose a cause to give to, make sure everyone see the impact of that choice too!

Posts and Polls

Engage your team and get a better understanding of their needs and wants with integrated polls and post-conversation tools.

Mobile First

When your team isn’t on the floor, they’re probably on their phone. Abundantly has native web, Android, and iOS apps.

Connect your company’s philanthropic goals to your employee engagement goals.