Recognition and rewards your employees will actually like.

There is recognition and then there is good recognition. We’ve built Abundantly to make it easy to implement better recognition programs, with more authentic connections, and backed with rewards that employees really want.

Next Generation of Employee Engagement and Recognition

Give everyone in your organization a new and innovative way to engage, recognize, and lift each other with Abundantly. Our AI-powered platform is customizable to fit every organization at a single, low price. We’re all about healthy engagement, our team is always an email or phone call away to make implementation, management, and maintenance of Abundantly a breeze.

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More authentic recognition with the help of AI.

One of the biggest challenges with recognition platforms is getting users to write authentic notes when showing their appreciation or providing a point reward. Our system leverages AI to help managers write those thank you notes more quickly and with real intention, so every interaction is more genuine.

Multiple reward categories and millions of reward options

With Abundantly, you can provide physical rewards, gift cards, and company-specific rewards, so everyone can find something that satisfies them. Our reward system is powered by Amazon, with millions of options delivered directly to your employees’ doors. Plus, your company can create custom rewards like an extra day off, cafeteria credits, or preferred parking for people who want something memorable.

Recognize your employees in person with printed Thank Yous

Sometimes, a digital note isn’t possible or doesn’t quite show your gratitude. Abundantly gives you the ability to print custom thank yous and certificates to show your appreciation in a real way. Plus, attach a points code to the note, so your employees can cash in their rewards at their convenience. 

Abundantly built recognition features that help everyone feel more appreciated.

Group Recognition

Quickly and easily let entire groups know they did a job well done with a single message and reward.

Peer to Peer Recognition

Create an environment where everyone can recognize one another, and attached accolades or rewards to that recognition.


Let employees nominate their peers for larger recognition opportunities that must be approved by managers.

Printable Thank You's and Certificates

Our system lets you create custom printed cards you can display or give to your employees.

Automate Anniversaries

Let Abundantly stay on top of employees’ anniversaries like starting date or birthday, and automatically send them a note and give them an extra reward.

AI Drive Recognition

It can be difficult to write authentic thank yous and appreciation letters to your team members and employees. Our AI content generator can help get you started through user input.

Get Rewarded Anywhere

Our Amazon Business partnership means there are millions of options for purchase and fulfillment globally.

Company Fulfilled Awards

Create unique reward options like a premium parking spot, an extra day off, or cafeteria credits that are only available to your team.

Social Giving / Philanthropy

Match a percentage of employee rewards that your company gives to a philanthropic cause of their choice. They feel doubly rewarded, you create a culture of giving too

Give your employees a better recognition and reward experience.