The BIG Little Things

it's often the simplest gestures that resonate the most deeply.

The little things hold a profound significance, reminding us to find joy in simplicity and savor moments that might otherwise slip by unnoticed. They connect us to our humanity, grounding us in the present and fostering gratitude. A smile exchanged, a warm embrace, a fleeting sunset – these are the fragments that compose our memories, shaping our perceptions and enhancing our emotional well-being.

Authenticity unlike others

Millions of Rewards. Zero Markups.

Transparency - No Fees, No Markups, All features​

Our interface and innovative AI lets you quickly craft unique, personalized notes and reward points for a job well done – whether that’s reaching a major milestone or simply coming in early to ensure a kick off meeting rocks. Abundantly also automates recurring milestone celebrations and lets team members pick memorable rewards they want.

Integrations - making it simple and easy

Abundantly gives your company access to Amazon’s vast catalog, and we also integrate with gift card providers, experiential rewards, and custom company swag offerings. With us, everyone gets something they find truly rewarding.

spread love

Social Giving - Paying It Forward​

Use Abundantly’s pre-built eCards and certificates to create tangible recognition your employees can display and celebrate with other team members.

For Everyone - Deskless/Frontline Support

Abundantly is simple to use and designed to encourage team members to engage regularly with one another. And once things are running, they run on their own. No system babysitter required.

Culture Consulting - Building on your success

As popular as charitable giving is it can also be difficult to incorporate into your recognition program. With Abundantly, employees can claim their rewards and seamlessly provide a percentage of that reward to a charity of their choice. You, in turn, can choose how much you give on top of an employee’s reward, so everyone wins.

A force of change in the industry

It’s understandable if you’ve become jaded by an outdated solutions that sold to you with unkept promises. The recognition and rewards industry was long overdue for a change, and Abundantly’s next generation platform is just that.

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