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We are Abundantly

Our recognition solution provides companies cultivate meaningful connections and create positive change across people, teams, and communities thru what we call the recognition ripple effect.


When people are lifted up and are told they are valued, they not only thrive on that sentiment – it becomes a potential catalyst.


When employees thrive, your organization thrives too. Each time you acknowledge an employee, it spreads positivity and real benefits throughout your company.


By paying recognition forward, your organization is making a difference in your community, and in turn the world at large.

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When employees feel recognized and appreciated for their hard work, they are more likely to continue to exhibit positive behaviors and work hard. Abundantly provides positive reinforcement and can help employees feel valued and appreciated.


Let’s build on the culture of your company. We can help create a sense of community and encourage employees to support and appreciate one another. This will create a positive feedback loop that fosters a culture of appreciation and engagement.


When Abundantly is built into the culture of a company, your employees will feel recognized and appreciated, they are more likely to stay with their employer. Employee recognition can help reduce turnover and retain top talent.

The best fit for every organization

KFC study

One powerful case study that demonstrates the impact of employee recognition on company culture is the example of KFC. The program, called “Fired with Pride,” is designed to recognize employees who demonstrate exceptional performance and behavior that aligns with the company’s core values. In a challenging working environment, the program has also had a positive impact on employee engagement and motivation, with employees reporting higher levels of job satisfaction and loyalty to the company.

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Giving recognition to employees is an important part of creating a positive and productive work environment.
  • On the Spot
  • Recommendations
  • Approvals


Receiving recognition can be a powerful motivator for employees and can have a positive impact on their overall job satisfaction and well-being. When employees receive recognition, they feel appreciated and valued for their contributions, which can increase their sense of purpose and fulfillment at work.
  • Employee Feed
  • Deskless


Being rewarded can be a highly positive experience for employees, as it provides tangible recognition of their hard work and contributions.
  • Merchandise
  • Experiences
  • Company Store
social Giving

Social Giving

Corporate social giving helps to build a positive reputation and brand image for the company. Your consumers and employees are increasingly looking for companies that are socially responsible and are more likely to support companies that are seen as contributing to the greater good. By prioritizing social responsibility with Abundantly, your organization can build a positive reputation, attract top talent, and have a positive impact on the communities they serve.


The Abundantly administrator console provides HR administrators with the power to manage and control the platform efficiently and effectively. They can configure how features are displayed from e-cards to user groups. Abundantly makes it easy for administrators to analyze employee engagement, respond to issues quickly, and ensure optimal performance and security.


Product Support

Abundantly is focused on providing world class support. Our support staff should is trained to handle different types of inquiries and issues. They have a deep understanding of the platform and be able to provide accurate and helpful information. Abundantly makes it easy to contact support. Our support channels are available 24/7.

Culture Stratigest

Our culture strategist begins with an assessment of your organization’s current culture, including its values, norms, behaviors, and communication patterns. We use this to identify areas where the culture may be hindering your organization’s success. IT also serves as a roadmap to best implement the Abundantly platform. With you, our goal is to sustain positive culture over the long term. This may involve ongoing training, communication, and other initiatives to reinforce your desired values and behaviors.

Pricing that’s abundantly simple

No Markups, no hidden fees. With honest and transparent pricing, what you see is what you get.

For Small Businesses

Up to 499 Employees
$ 3
Per Employee, Per Month

For Growing Businesses

500 - 999 Employees
$ 3
Per Employee, Per Month

For Established Businesses

1000 - 2499 Employees
$ 2
Per Employee, Per Month

Think Bigger, Thank Better

More than ever, your people are looking for
meaning. For purpose. For something that meets
them where they are, regardless of physical
location. You care about them and their
experience — it’s time to flip the script.