5 ‘Must Haves’ in Your Employee Recognition Program and Pitfalls to Avoid

Creating a recognition program needs a careful approach. Since 37% of employees state recognition as most important at their workplace, it is vital to implement essential pieces to an employee recognition program for success. And avoid the pitfall that will counter your efforts.

By building a successful employee recognition program, you not only improve the productivity of your staff but creates such a positive employee experience that your talent is less likely to leave for the organization down the road.

  1. Instant Recognition

The most critical point to focus on is the delivery of the recognition. In a Gallup survey, it has been found best to recognize employees weekly. When an action happens that you want to be identified as outstanding, you should present the reward as quickly as possible to offer the most benefit.

  • Peer-to-Peer Rewards

Not only is it essential to have a reward program that managers and business leaders can give thanks to employees for their services, but fellow employees need to have a way to thank their coworkers for helping out and making the workday easier.

  • Diverse Range of Rewards and Awards

For many businesses, the staff consists of people from many walks of life. And due to multiple factors, such as generational, demographic, career level, dynamics of the home life, and much more, employees will view rewards differently. Some incentives to consider:

  • Bonuses and discounts
  • Verbal and written praise
  • Pins or plaques
  • Celebrations and get-togethers

Having a wide range of types of rewards will give you a better chance to reach the unique individuals of your staff.

  • Values-Based Recognition

The recognition and rewards must reflect the company’s values and should also have meaning to the employees receiving the appreciation. The recognized acts should be for hard work and dedication and reflect performance.

  • Integrated with Daily Workflows – Make it Digital

It is essential to create a recognition program that is easy to use and is integrated into the manager’s and employee’s daily workflow to offer diverse and instant recognition while meeting the needs of the individual. Implementing a digital approach checks all the boxes and enhances the chances that the entire staff will participate in the program and receive rewards accordingly.

Let’s Recap These 5 Important Features!

Watch Out for These Employee Recognition Pitfalls

By putting in place the five must-haves in your employee recognition program, you avoid pitfalls that can cause your employees to feel the opposite of your intention. Stay clear of:

  • Delayed rewards – that arrive weeks if not months after initiated
  • Rewards will little meaning – such as low-value gift cards or discounts on unwanted services
  • Impersonal prizes – such as unwanted company swag
  • Complicated process – where employees are required to go through too many steps to send or receive rewards

Final Thought

By taking intelligent steps when creating your employee recognition program, you effectively show your employees that you care about the hard work they put into your business. From a successful employee recognition program, 85% of companies see an RIO and experience a 31% lower voluntary turnover rate. Because of this, you can also expect to see higher profits from the engaged staff. Ready to implement a successful employee recognition program at your organization? Contact us today to see how Abundantly can help.

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