Top 10 Recognition Ideas

Employee engagement is always highest when people feel appreciated. That means finding meaningful ways to recognize each employee for their unique contributions.

1. Recognition Platforms

Today’s employees are used to everything being customized, from their Netflix accounts to their credit card rewards programs. Recognition platforms add the same level of personalization to team recognition.

With a recognition platform, employees can:

  • Choose the rewards they value most
  • Participate on message boards to recognize others
  • Suggest rewards they want to see

Organizations can customize their rewards platforms to suit their company culture. Everyone can participate in their own way, whether they work in or out of the office.

2. Points-Based Rewards

Small, frequent rewards are just as important as larger, more infrequent ones — perhaps more so. Awarding points for accomplishments lets managers recognize success of all kinds, from helping another employee with a big project to giving a presentation that landed a major account.

3. Donation Opportunities

Today’s employees want to feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves. They appreciate the opportunity to donate their rewards to charitable organizations or earn time off to volunteer.

4. Peer-to-Peer Acknowledgment

Building a community is a big part of creating better workplaces. Instead of limiting rewards to something managers offer their employees, companies should enable employees to recognize one another. Possibilities include posting a thank-you note on the company’s rewards platform or sharing rewards points with a colleague.

5. In-the-Moment Shout-outs

Recognition loses its value when it happens days or months after an accomplishment. In the meantime, employees can start to feel like they went unnoticed. Managers should have a way of thanking employees whenever they go above and beyond, perhaps with an acknowledgment in front of the team or simply a private handshake and extra treat.

6. Flexible Time and Remote Work Solutions

Employee engagement happens when people choose how, when, and where they work. Managers should consider letting employees earn days when they can choose their own hours or log in from their choice of location. For bigger accomplishments, the company might even pay for a flight to a beautiful “workation” destination.

7. Time Off

On a small scale, managers can offer an afternoon or day off as an unexpected treat. This works well if a team has recently put in extra hours or energy on a big project. On a larger scale, employees can earn paid getaways.

8. Enticing Gifts

A nice gift can impact work quality in a big way. Companies should make sure their rewards catalogs include a variety of items for different tastes, from fitness gear to the latest tech.

9. Financial Incentives

When people provide large-scale value to an organization, they deserve large-scale recognition. Shoutouts fall short if someone consistently performs above expectations or delivers major results. For a bigger “thank you,” companies should consider covering a major expense like a mortgage payment or home improvement project.

10. Investment in Career Development

Tying recognition to an employee’s career shows that the company is invested in that person. Companies should consider letting employees earn admissions to seminars, conferences, or even certification training sessions.

Finding the Right Incentives

To choose the right rewards, companies need to consider their corporate culture and employees’ preferences. Benefit One can help organizations build employee engagement systems that work, without relying on one-size-fits-all programs. Reach out today and start showing employees how much they matter.

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