Every Day Is Appreciation Day

A good old pat in the back never hurt anyone. After long hours invested in achieving their company’s goals and improving its daily operations, your employees deserve some recognition. Praising their effort is an excellent way to keep them motivated and prevent them from seeking appreciation elsewhere. The following actions are proven to help boost morale and increase employee engagement within an organization.

1. Make a Big Deal Out of Milestones

Sometimes work anniversaries and other important corporate milestones seem to go unnoticed. However, having employers acknowledge and celebrate them can make an employee’s day. Seemingly small actions like these can help motivate high-performance workers and maximize the chances of long-term retention. It can mean a lot to your team members when they feel seen. Celebrating their achievements, however small, is vital to keep them satisfied at work.

2.  Listen to What Employees Have to Say

An excellent way to boost employee engagement is to ask them for their input. This often gives people a sense of togetherness and makes them feel like they’re making critical contributions to help their company succeed. Holding frequent one-on-one conversations with staff members can help make them feel heard and valued. Giving employees a shoutout when they come up with brilliant suggestions is also an excellent idea.

3. Express Some Gratitude

If it wasn’t for the hard work of individuals and teams within a company, success would simply not be on the table. Having leadership teams personally thank employees for their efforts and contributions — whether verbally or through custom messages — is vital to encourage everyone to keep up the good work. Gratitude is essential in company culture and it’s especially meaningful to workers when it comes from the top.

4. Offer Unique Rewards

Some workers simply deserve a prize for all they do to keep a company’s daily operations running smoothly. That’s why implementing reward programs is always a great idea to show appreciation year-round. However, coming up with original rewards everyone will love may seem like an impossible task.

Here are some suggestions for great performance incentives:

  • Offering a wide selection of gifts to choose from
  • Providing gift cards
  • Revamping cubicles and common areas in the office
  • Giving corporate swag
  • Offering much-deserved time off
  • Providing employees with cash to donate to their favorite charity
  • Offering useful subscriptions

5. Get Creative Together

Hosting fun events where everyone can express themselves or partake in creative activities is a fantastic way to get coworkers at all levels to bond. It doesn’t have to be anything overly complicated or expensive. It can be as simple as organizing a workshop or having certain staff members volunteer to teach a masterclass on their favorite hobby. The point is to have everyone unwind and have a relaxing time in which they can learn a new skill even when unrelated to their daily activities at work.

Celebrate Your Team 

Employee appreciation should be a 365-day celebration if you want to improve corporate culture and worker satisfaction. That’s why you must show your staff you see and value their efforts as often as you can. When in doubt, implement any of the ideas listed above or contact the experts to help you come up with new ones. If you’re ready to take the first step towards creating better workplaces, reach out to Benefit One today.

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