Enhancing Employee Engagement with AI-enabled Recognition

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Employee recognition does a lot to improve engagement and reduce turnover. But is tech asking too much of managers to deliver meaningful recognition? AI integrated with employee recognition software can remove the management tax of crafting personalized employee recognition messages.

Elevating Employee Engagement

When companies deploy employee recognition initiatives, we see tremendous results: increased employee engagement, lower customer complaints, and reduced employee turnover. But, achieving those kinds of results relies heavily on frontline managers writing thoughtful, personalized messages to the people they lead. Those same managers are feeling overwhelmed — more than 50% said they were feeling burned out in a recent study published in the Harvard Business ReviewOpens a new window . So, it doesn’t make sense that so many approaches to recognition feel like management tax. 

I would argue that AI is one of the best answers to what’s wrong with today’s recognition platforms.  AI can now do the heavy lifting for over-burdened managers. This innovative technology streamlines the process, saving time and effort for managers while ensuring meaningful and impactful employee recognition. By leveraging AI, we can lessen the burden of writing personalized notes that create productive and thriving teams. 

Let me share an example. We launched a recognition program with a group of KFC franchises in southern California, where the owners were experiencing 144% turnover and losing an estimated $150,000 a year due to disengaged employees. 

We partnered with them to implement a “Fried with Pride” recognition program, but we found that many frontline managers struggled to write personalized recognition notes. Introducing those managers to an AI tool that could easily generate a draft eased their anxiety about their writing. It lessened the burden of generating meaningful messages of encouragement and praise for the teams they led. The KFC stores went from an average of one monthly employee recognition to 60. Big outcomes followed — a 28% increase in employee engagement, a 30% drop in customer complaints, and a 27% decrease in turnover. 

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