Crush Employee Appreciation Week

Employees are the fuel that keeps the corporate engine running strong, and recognizing their efforts is crucial to boosting motivation in the workplace. That’s why organizations must celebrate their people and make them feel valued — especially during Employee Appreciation Week. To honor the achievements and contributions of workers across all industries, employers often plan creative activities during this national celebration. Here are some fun ideas to make the celebration more special.

1. Plan Corporate Retreats

Company getaways are nothing new in corporate culture. They’re the old, trustworthy way to boost productivity and get team members to bond. Planning a fun trip is the perfect way to give everyone within the organization a much-needed and well-deserved break from their daily routines. Soon, it can be the perfect solution to get coworkers to connect after the pandemic as they go back to the office.

2. Revamp the Workplace

The design of a company’s office space can significantly impact performance and productivity. Yet this factor is often overlooked. Let’s keep in mind that workers spend up to eight hours of their day within the same walls, every day, and things can quickly get monotonous and boring. Employers don’t really have to go overboard and plan a costly renovation project to keep their staff happy. Sometimes even the smallest changes — like investing in greenery or adding new decorations — can make a space feel brand-new.

3. Get Some New Equipment

Failing to replenish and renew office supplies and furniture in due time can be perceived as a lack of interest from employers toward their workers’ needs. Employees rely on the tools they’re given at the workplace to fulfill their duties efficiently. However, having to deal with outdated or worn-out equipment can quickly get frustrating and impact work negatively. Employee Appreciation Week is a great opportunity to surprise the workforce with new gear that will make everyone’s lives much easier.

4. Celebrate Corporate Milestones

Validation in the workplace is an excellent way to boost employee engagement and motivation. That’s why it’s important to acknowledge the efforts and achievements of all team members with rewards and shoutouts. Implementing an employee recognition program is always a great idea that will help the workforce feel seen and appreciated.

5. Create a Wellness Program

People who feel healthy are more likely to perform better at work. With this in mind, implementing activities that promote wellness is a terrific way to make workers feel appreciated and cared for. This idea could also be part of a company’s remote work solutions, as it’s easy to set up online. A good idea for encouraging people to take part in corporate wellness activities is to offer them redeemable points and rewards based on attendance.

The Takeaway

Employee Appreciation Week is around the corner, and it’s a great opportunity to boost morale within your organization. If you’re seeking other ways to recognize employees in your company culture, reach out to Benefit One. Our software has helped many businesses in creating better workplaces by making their workers feel valued. To learn more about the solutions we offer, browse our site today!

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