Employee Recognition That Actually Works

Give your team a new way to engage and recognize one another with Abundantly’s easy-to-use platform. Plus, our team is always a simple email or phone call away, making implementation, management, and maintenance of your engagement tools a breeze.

Millions of Rewards, Zero Markups.

Abundantly has partnered with Amazon Business to offer your employees millions of reward options, without any markups. Plus, items can be delivered anywhere Amazon delivers. This means more choices for employees with less management from your team.

1. Personalized Recognition for Wins Big and Small.

Our interface and robust AI lets you quickly craft notes, make each message unique from the last, and reward points for a job well done – whether that’s finishing a major milestone or just coming in early to ensure today’s kick off meeting kicks a$$. Plus, Abundantly automates recurring milestone announcements and lets team members pick gifts they want.

2. Truly Impactful in-person Recognition.

 As a manager, you can use Abundantly’s prebuilt Thank You card and recognition certificates to print out physical recognition for your employees that they can display and celebrate with other team members.

3. A reward system with options.

Abundantly not only gives your company the tools access to Amazon’s robust catalog, but we also integrate with gift card providers, experiential rewards, and custom company perk/swag offerings. This means everyone can get something they find truly rewarding.

1. Boost engagement without increasing your workload.

Abundantly is designed to be simple to use and encourage team members to come back and engage regularly with one another. And once things are running, they run on their own, so your company doesn’t have to have a system babysitter.

2. Reduce friction with every type of recognition and reward in one place.

Thats right. Gone are the days of multi-platform engagement. Let peers connect, send spot rewards, and team recognition (amongst other options) all in one place. Amplify (Abundantly’s AI) aids users to create impactful message so elevate everyone. 

3. Give back to your community without taking away from your employees.

 Everyone loves the idea of giving to charitable causes, but it can be hard to implement into your recognition program. Abundantly simplifies this process. Let employees claim rewards AND provide a percentage to a charity of their choice. You choose how much you give on top of an employee’s reward so everyone wins.

Increased team engagement and positive business impact

You may be jaded by an outdated platform that made promises of increased productivity and high ROI. We understand that the recognition and rewards industry has needed a change, and Abundantly is here to do just that.

Abundantly helps your employees feel recognized without the common annoyances of other platforms.

Peer to Peer Recognition

Create an environment where everyone can recognize one another, and attached accolades or rewards to that recognition.


Let employees nominate their peers for larger recognition opportunities that must be approved by managers.

Printable Thank You's and Certificates

Our system lets you create custom printed cards you can display or give to your employees.

Automate Anniversaries

Let Abundantly stay on top of employees’ anniversaries like starting date or birthday, and automatically send them a note and give them an extra reward.

Company Store

Make it simple for people to cash in reward points or purchase corporate swag within the Abundantly App.

Company Fulfilled Awards

Create unique reward options like a premium parking spot, an extra day off, or cafeteria credits that are only available to your team.

Available Everywhere

Abundantly is built to be available where and how your business works. That means logging in on our web app, iOS app, or Android app.

Flow of Work Integrations

We integrate with the platforms your employees already use, like Slack, Teams, and Office 365 so it’s easier to get started.

Social Giving / Philanthropy

Match a percentage of employee rewards that your company gives to a philanthropic cause of their choice. They feel doubly rewarded, you create a culture of giving too!

Modernize your employee recognition while decreasing your workload.

Abundantly is the new generation of recognition software made for modern companies. Easy to implement, easy to use, and 24/7 on call support…all at a price that makes sense.