Amplify: Helping managers appreciate their employees.


Most managers don’t know where to start to appreciate their teams. Despite good intentions, putting pen to paper is the hardest part. Understanding this challenge, Abundantly introduces the first in the industry messaging AI. Abundantly is known of the its innovative features bridging the humanity and technology divide.

The innovation continues with the latest feature on Abundantly platform- Amplify. Say goodbye to misunderstood messages and hello to heartfelt communication. With Amplified messages, Abundantly leverages AI to take your original message and transform it into something more meaningful and sincere, allowing you to better express yourself and connect with others. 

Abundantly’s AI technology analyzes the underlying sentiment and emotion in your message and generates an amplified version that emphasizes your intended meaning. You can choose to send the amplified message as is or edit it further to make it your own. 

Try the Abundantly Amplify AI

Whether you’re looking to express gratitude to colleagues or friends, or simply improve your overall communication skills, amplify is the perfect tool for you. It’s easy to use, incredibly effective, and will help you better connect with those around you. 

Abundantly’s technology is designed to help humans be humans. Here are a few tips for everyone to start appreciating their people. Appreciation is a powerful motivator that can boost morale, increase job satisfaction, and improve overall performance in the workplace. As a manager, it’s essential to acknowledge your employees’ hard work and contributions regularly. Here are some tips to help you give effective appreciation messages:

  1. Be specific: When giving an appreciation message, be specific about what you are thanking the employee for. It could be a project they completed, a task they accomplished, or a particular behavior they exhibited. By being specific, you demonstrate that you have noticed and valued their effort.
  2. Be timely: Don’t wait too long to give an appreciation message. If you wait too long, the employee may not remember the specifics of what they did, or the impact may have diminished. Try to give recognition as soon as possible after the event, so the employee knows their effort has been noticed and appreciated.
  3. Be genuine: Authenticity is essential in appreciation messages. Express genuine gratitude and avoid using cliches or generic statements. Let the employee know why you appreciate their work and how it has impacted the team or the company.
  4. Be public or private: Publicly acknowledging an employee’s contributions can be a powerful way to motivate and inspire others. Consider recognizing employees in team meetings or via company-wide emails or social media posts. However, make sure that you have the employee’s permission before sharing their accomplishments publicly. Abundantly also support private messaging for those individuals who don’t want the publicity.
  5. Be consistent: Make appreciation a regular part of your management style. Make it a point to recognize employees’ contributions regularly, whether through verbal or written messages, awards, or other forms of recognition. Consistent appreciation reinforces positive behaviors and motivates employees to continue to perform at a high level.

On the Abundantly platform, It’s simple:

  1. Select a recipient for an On-the-Spot message. 
  2. Select a core value. 
  3. Enter in a recognition message (ideally type why you are thank the recipient and what the impact of their action was) 
  4. Then click amplify
  5. Within seconds you will have an expressive message where you can then modify to be more casual, more formal, sorter or even throw in some emojis 😊. 

For a walk-thru or more information contact the Abundantly team.

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