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Abundantly connects with you employees anywhere. From deskless, to hybrid to remote, we can empower meaningful connections.

Happy Employees Everywhere.

Churn with deskless workers continues to be a massive problem, in certain industries turnover rates can reach as high as 500% per year.
You are no longer seeing people competing for jobs, but companies competing for talent. Addressing recognition of your deskless employees is not easy. However, it is critical for the health of you organization.

Not only are recognized employees happier, they’re three times more likely to go above and beyond when they know their employer cares about them.
And, offering a recognition program to your deskless workforce can result in lower turnover costs, as well as more resilience and agility and  among your employees.

Let’s leverage our seamless technology. that focus on:

Point of Need

Fit into a deskless workflow

Simple Interactions

Quick and effortless


Offline solutions plug into

Where and When

We bring recognition into your environment where your people thrive, where and when they need it. On the spot recognition is heartfelt and will always be appreciated.

A Simple Thank You

We have a multitude of options to give recognition in any work environment.

Let’s meet our manager Wade and he would like to recognize Margaret for the hard work she put in on the product launch.

Anywhere and Anytime


We have a multitude of options to give recognition in any work environment. For deskless employees:

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