10 Qualities of an Amazing Manager

Managers make or break a company culture. Great employee engagement happens when managers embody certain qualities, working harder each day to lead well. Below are ten qualities of an amazing manager.

1. Clear, Honest Communication

Employees feel secure and relaxed when they know what their manager expects and how well they meet those expectations. A great manager understands this and offers straightforward instructions, updates, and feedback on a regular basis.

2. Trust in Employees

Good managers know if they’ve communicated expectations well. They don’t need to micromanage their team members. They trust employees’ capabilities instead of imposing their will on every detail. And in the end, they get better results.

3. Grace Under Pressure

Every manager encounters stressful situations from time to time. A great manager knows how to cope with that pressure constructively so they can lead calmly.

4. Acceptance of Responsibility

When something goes wrong, insecure managers try to pass the blame onto their team members. This makes it difficult for employees to trust them or take risks.

Great managers hold themselves accountable for their choices and overall leadership. If a decision they make has unintended consequences, they commit to fixing it.

5. Openness to New Ideas

Employee engagement happens when people feel valued for their knowledge and experience. Whether the topic is remote work solutions, new product designs, or something else entirely, great managers welcome suggestions and act on them when they prove feasible. This is how organizations build a positive corporate culture.

6. Diplomacy

Wherever groups of people work together, conflicts will arise. Managers need to be aware of any interpersonal conflicts and proactively reach out to resolve them before those conflicts affect employees’ abilities to do their jobs.

7. Decisiveness with Empathy

Welcoming input doesn’t mean giving up all authority. A great manager knows how to consider all sides yet remain the final decision-maker. They communicate those decisions sensitively yet firmly.

8. Belief in Career Development

Great managers are like career parents. They understand that each team member has a trajectory, and they help their employees move forward in their careers based on each person’s interests and skills.

9. Responsiveness to Employee Needs

When people talk about their last great manager, one point comes up again and again:

They cared about me as a person.

Great managers understand that employees’ mental health will always impact work. They pay attention to how people are doing and check in when they think someone might be stressed, anxious, or overworked.

If someone needs extra support, the manager finds a way to offer it.

10. Commitment to Employee Recognition

Great managers know that when team members feel appreciated for their efforts, everyone works harder. They make a point of recognizing each person on their team for an accomplishment or a particular instance of going above and beyond.

Individual recipients aren’t the only ones who benefit from rewards programs. Others on the team see that management cares about what they do, and they work harder to be the next one recognized.

Impacting Others as a Manager

Optimizing employee engagement is the first step in creating better workplaces. That’s why Benefit One works closely with managers and executives to create customized recognition plans for teams. With the right rewards program on their side, a great manager can lead a top-tier team.

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