10 Amazing Reward Ideas

The design of a good incentive program comes with several challenges. One of these is that recognition can often feel ironically impersonal. A one-size-fits-all model doesn’t create a corporate culture in which individuals feel seen and understood. Sometimes, rewards can even backfire. For example, while one person may thrive on public acknowledgment, another person might prefer quieter recognition.

Companies interested in creating better workplaces need to tailor their incentives and offer more than one kind of recognition. If they need a little inspiration, they can draw on one of the following ideas.

1. Send Them a Heartfelt Message

Employees thrive when their impact work is recognized, and sometimes all they need is a simple “thanks.”

Celebrate minor accomplishments with an email or send e-greetings on birthdays or work anniversaries. But when an employee goes above and beyond, a handwritten note shows real appreciation.

2. Acknowledge Them Publicly

Some employees and occasions require a more public display. Whether it’s a standing ovation, a LinkedIn recommendation, or a quick mention in the company newsletter, public rewards foster a company culture that prizes excellence.

3. Play Around

Adults need playtime, too. A business could surprise workers with a fun activity or stop work an hour early to play a game.

Company outings are also an option. Something with additional weight in work environments and also support remote work solutions would be a good idea. Karaoke nights, ice skating, trips to the stadium or theater — the list can go on and on.

4. Sport Some Swag

Incentive-program managers can promote both personal and company pride with branded items. Whether it’s a simple t-shirt or an engraved crystal, swag lets team members show their company spirit.

5. Feed Them

Everyone loves food. Furnishing breakfast or lunch fuels employees in the tastiest way possible. Support health initiatives with lighter fare or offer some well-earned indulgence.

6. Make Their Workplace Better

Ergonomic chairs, espresso machines, and redecorated spaces all indicate that employers want their employees to be happy at work. One fun idea is to give the choice of design or workplace improvement to an exceptional individual within an exceptional team.

7. Get Silly With It

CEOs might wash an employee’s car or encourage employees to come to work in their pajamas one day. They may also distribute gag gifts or come up with funny employee awards.

Strategic silliness reminds members of the workforce to take themselves and their work seriously — but not too seriously.

8. Acknowledge Their Interests 

Personalized gifts and rewards prove that employers know their employees. They might provide coffee fiends with gourmet beans or order the latest gadgets for those interested in tech.

9. Help Them Build Their Skills and Network

Companies can reward employee engagement by actively engaging them. Businesses should demonstrate their investment in employee success.

Introducing employees to important clients, sending them to attend seminars or conferences, paying for online credentials or training — all of these methods make employees feel valued.

10. Invite Them to Treat Themselves

Sometimes simple is best. Cash and gift certificates allow employees to choose their own rewards. No one knows what they want and need better than they do.

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